Slow Boat | 2009

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Slow Boat to China is an old poker idiom popularised by Frank Loesser, who turned it into a romantic song about a crooner’s intention to embark on a slow journey so that more time could be spent with the one being fancied.

Similarly, with this cruise collection, we hoped to get our designers & artisans on a slow boat, so as to create a classic line that will continue to be offered to our customers season after season. On this slow boat, oblivious of time constraints, faltering fads, and worldly wants, our team created an elegant and versatile line of tote bags. This is our endeavour to affirm our commitment to create meaningful, humane, and long lasting products so that they may be passed down from generation to generation….Welcome on board!

Slow Boat was presented in Berlin as a cruise collection for 2011. It consisted of 2 large sized totes and a weekender. Gabry and Jean Cass are both shopping totes without zip openings, whislt Jean Cass Z is a large sized tote bag with a zip closure and may be used as a weekender. For our first collective, grassata leather was used to give the items a rugged look.

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