L’Avventura | Bouclè Wool

L’Avventura is a collaboration between 72 Smalldive and New-York based stylist Pauline Toruan, which came about when both parties learned of their desires of creating a versatile travel tote that may be used as a city carry-all. It was Pauline‘s suggestion to name the collection after her favourite film – L’avventura. In a speech about the film L’Avventura, the late director Mr. Antonioni pointed that despite the modern age of reason and science we live in, we as a society still lives by “a rigid and stereotyped morality out of cowardice and sheer laziness”. The splendorous imagery of the film aside, it was precisely Antonioni’s comment that led 72 Smalldive team and Ms. Toruan embarked on a radical approach, instead of relying on conventional aesthetic and wisdom, in designing the tote collection. Nonetheless, style and functionality remain the main chords of the team’s endeavour in giving the collection a complex and yet stimulating modern aesthetic.

Seen here is L’Avventura in Bouclè Wool.

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