Nine O’Clock Tales | A Travel Capsule


Nine O’Clock Tales is a line of accessories designed for the modern day traveler in mind. Unlike in the past, many of us lived amorphous lives where the traveling is part of our quotidian lifestyle: travel, work, and social meetings are all intricately intertwined and could no longer be distinctly separated. With the blurring of the defining boundary between work and leisure, accessories need to be up-to-date with this fleeting lifestyle phenomenon.


9 O’Clock Tales is a capsule collective of work and travel accessories that are created to accompany the owner to a meeting, to a social lunch with friends, and or also to the next business destination in a foreign land, allowing owner to have these quotidian accessories wherever the location and purpose. Practical elegance is the key emphasis of the collection.

Briefcase Moro 05 copy

As with all 72 Smalldive accessories, artisanal craftsmanship dominates the essence of the collection, granting each accessory a decisive structure and yet not erasing the suppleness of calfskin leather.  Document satchels and cabin-bag are made with top grain calfskin in darker hues, whilst other complementary items come in antiquated leather in varying hues of dusty pastels.

72Smalldive Mens Tassled Slippers Black Papprika 01

Nine O’Clock collection will be available at 72 Smalldive Online Shop from the March 2014. Selected items may be customized and ordered online. For sales enquiries, please send note to enquiry

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