What is this blog all about?
This is a sub-domain page of a fashion accessory brand 72 Smalldive. This blog details all the accessories collections under this label

How do I find an item or collection that I have heard of from this catalogue?
Instructions on how to manoeuvre within this catalogue-blog may be found at ABOUT THE BLOG

I like an item here, where can I find it in a store near me?
You may locate our stockist via STORE LOCATIONS. Alternatively check out our webshop at 72 SMALLDIVE

I am a store owner / individual customer how may I reach you to find out more about your products?
That is very simple, simply send us a note at CONTACT US

I would like to use some of your images, can I download them for my website?
We are indeed pleased that you show interest and love for our products. You may certainly use the images for your individual (non commercial) web pages however we kindly ask that you inform us of your intent, the purpose for using the images by sending us a note at

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